9 Stunning Wood Wall Decorations That Will Leave Your Guests Amazed

Turn a seemingly dull neutral room into one that glows with warmth by using your creativity and some wooden decorations to your walls. If you have neutral paint colors like white, off-white and light gray then adding some nice darker wooden pieces will make your home feel cozier.

If Do-it-yourself is your motto get outside and grab some tree stumps, branches, and even pallets and turn your creativity into warm wood wall décor. You can also use just about every type of wood like pine, cedar, maple and spruce depending on the colors, stain types and looks you are going for.


Whether you have an ultra-modern home, contemporary style interior or classic country, wood decorations go with each type of style. Choose pieces that speak to you and see just how much wood wall decorations can make your home feel warm and cozy.


Examples of Wood Wall Decorations

Whether you choose large, medium or small sized wood wall art, make sure it fits to the scale of your room. A very large piece in a small cramped space can make it seem over-crowded, and a too small piece can seem out of balance and off.


Patterns Make You Happy

If you scaled art pieces then getting wood wall decorations in a variety of patterns will work. Choose from checkerboard pattern, arrows, hearts and contrasting woods in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are tamer and like your decorations not as busy, simply hang a wood framed round mirror or empty wooden picture frames in any color you desire.




If you are a DIY’er get some pretty white birch tree branches and some slices of those wood logs and make yourself a tree full of nuts on your living room wall. You could use the sliced logs and glue mirrors on them and make a mirrored wood collage or raw logs both big and small and make shelves out of them and place pretty candles for ambiance.


You can also hang curtains from tree branches and accent a wall with several different styles of stained wood to make an entire wood slat wall. Depending on your desires, amount of creativity and what your design style is will depend on what you come up with.


Using wood wall decorations will warm up just about any home in unique ways. Put your creativity to work and see what you come up with whether you have modern or contemporary flair, wood wall decorations will benefit them all.

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