Wonderful And Creative Diy Lamp Projects

Good home decor and amazing interior design always incorporate the main essential of fantastic lighting in a room. So doing this really does bring a lot of intrinsic interest to the rest of the decor of a room.

With the adding of a wide array of DIY lighting applications, which include light fixtures, free standing lamps and table lamps, you surely are able to bring much more character to the decor and design of your space. And the added benefit is that you are also able to improve the lighting functionality of the space. Even if you think that the lighting in your space is already top notch as it is, it is nice to focus on adding some mood lighting or simply adding some accent lighting.

So here we mention some ingenious, creative projects for DIY lamps, which will most assuredly bring some cheerful brightness to your space as well as add some charm and beauty.

1. Consider making a bottle lamp.


As the name of the lamp suggests, the lamp is made simply by starting with a large bottle that will function as the base of the lamp. The process for creating this type of lamp is rather straightforward. The lamp is quirky and really does bring quite a bit of fun to the decor of your space.

2. Consider making a nature-inspired floor lamp.

Tutorial: ana-white

Using wood in the design of a floor lamp is a great way to bring the inspiration of nature inside your home. The floor lamp is pretty much the simple form of a tree. This brings that rustic charm that you like for your room and also provides additional brightness to the corner of a space that seems otherwise a bit dark without it.

3. Consider making a glitter lamp.

The reality is that part of the joy of making a DIY project is being able to create things that look rich and lavish. For just a very small fraction of the cost, slathering glitter on an inexpensive lampshade will give you the end result of real luxury. So the great news is that things do not have to cost a fortune to add classiness to your space.

4. Consider making a burlap ruffle lamp.


Making a gorgeous burlap ruffle lamp shade is truly an easy thing to make, since the process is relatively straight forward. Making this type of lamp is for those who love to do DIY projects. It will be so much fun to make and it will create a big punching pack of gorgeousness on your decor.

5. Consider making a grater lamp.


It can be such an amazing experience to recycle stuff by creating fun projects from items. So making lamps from something so basic as graters is a smart and quirky way to bring that rustic style of decor to the kitchen.


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