Tricks And Hacks To Give Your Home A Classy Look

Home owners love the concept of having a classier looking home that makes a better impression on guests and makes the home more livable. The thing that holds them back is the expected cost of having the classy improvement done by a contractor or interior designer.

These are a few of the hundreds of tricks and hacks that add class to any home that you can do yourself in a day or a weekend without damaging your budget. These are the class improvements that will get noticed the most so your time and efforts get the return that you want.

Lace it up

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This hack is two different ways to use lace to make your home classier. The best part is that you do not have to know how to sew or tat. Tatting is making lace.

Pick any decorative or utilitarian glass or ceramic container that you use regularly. Buy lace doilies that fit the size of the container, the lid, and the base that the container rests on. All you do is glue the lace on both sides of each surface and you have a subtle accent piece in just a few minutes. The look is all lace and very classy.

Lace walls add a touch of sophistication to any room and have a definite romantic appeal in the bedroom. The idea is to cover the walls or a wall with lace. You need a lace that has large opening so you get the color of the wall and the muting softness of the lace. Measure the wall surface. Cut the lace to fit. Attach the lace to door framing, roof, baseboards, and every two feet on the wall with tacks that are the same color as the lace. This makes washing your new wall easy.

Put a dress on your sink

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Bare sinks are a home fashion faux pas. The vanity or cabinet that covers your sink could probably do with a makeover. This is a simple hack that makes your bare sink look like it belongs in a five-star hotel.

Pick durable but chic fabric. Match the fabric to the existing paint scheme. The idea is to drape fabric around the bare sink or tacky vanity so that it looks better. All that you need is the fabric, two-sided tape, a tape measure, and scissors. The drape is attached to the inside of the sink on all three sides with the tape and should extend to the floor. Select washable fabric that retains its size and sheen.


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Accents and normal parts of the home get a touch of class with low cost conversions.

A door or several doors can be made to look much more sophisticated with framing that glues on or is taped on. You can convert the metal frame of that old patio table to be the seat in a decorative macramé chair. Put a coat of brilliant colored enamel paint on glass accent pieces to make a brighter room and make a conversation piece. Paint a single color design, a picture, or even a world map using a stencil on a brick or concrete wall to hide the brick and make the brick work for your home.

The whole idea behind these hacks is that you can make your home look classy even if you do not have a fortune to spend. All it takes is a little time and the creative use of what you have.

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