7 Helpful Tips For Parents Of Young Children

Parents who have young children at home are not always ready for the change that is about to take place and the wide range of common household tasks that they will need to add to their to do list as a result. By following these seven helpful tips, parents of young children can avoid many of the pitfalls that tend to happen when little ones are not properly taken care of.

1. Drawing The Line With Toilet Paper

When children first learn how to use the potty like an adult, parents are often so happy for this development that they ignore their child’s wastefulness. Children will often treat toilet paper as a toy and overuse it, which can cause toilet clogs. That’s why it is important to use colored construction paper to create a clear line that the toilet paper is not to cross.

2. Stashing Cereal

Children enjoy having the ability to obtain their own meals, so why not make it easier on them by using your old coffee creamer bottles as cereal storage units. They are much easier for your little ones to handle than those cumbersome cereal boxes and you can avoid unwanted spillage.

3. Pacifier Storage

As any parent who has a child that is dependent on a pacifier can tell you, they will go berserk if they cannot find their favorite “binky”. By washing out and using the same containers that you would receive your dipping sauces in a at fast food restaurant, you ensure that they are always stored in a place that is easy to find.

4. Proper Popsicle Consumption

We’ve all had that moment where we gave our child a Popsicle, only to watch it leak all over their hands (and our furniture). To avoid this sort of issue in the future, use the paper from a cupcake or muffin as a protective barrier by pushing it through the stick and letting it rest beneath the frozen treat.

5. Encouraging Them To Eat Vegetables

By bringing dice to the dinner table, you can encourage your children to eat their vegetables and teach them math at the same time. For example, your child will love rolling the dice and counting off exactly how many peas they have to eat before digging into the rest of their plate.

6. Making Sure Medicine Has Been Taken

If your child is in need of medication, a parent must be vigilant. By using a Sharpie to mark the bottle and keep track of each dosage, parents can avoid the guilt that comes with forgetting to give their child their necessary medicine.

7. Knowing Left From Right

Parents who have had to watch their child try and fail to put their shoes in the right feet now have an easy solution. Simply take a sticker of their favorite animated characters and cut it half, placing each half of the sticker in the corresponding shoe.

Images Source: Ideas Tips Hours

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