Ten Striking Features Of The Tiny House At Cobleskill

After the financial crisis that hit the US in 2007-08, the concept of tiny house and minimalistic have taken a great leap. A tiny house is usually built under 500 square feet and provides enough space for a family of two adults and two kids. Further building on this concept, the architects have come up with vehicle cum houses that can be used during recreational activities like camping or serve as a second home.

These houses can be easily shipped and then again be erected in the RV parks or in the special zones.

There are several benefits of a tiny house like lesser maintenance cost, ease of relocating, environment-friendly and within budget.

Lil Lodges is one the companies from Alabama that assist you to build your dream tiny house. They have recently come up with a new PMRV type tiny house in Cobleskill, NY. Here are ten striking features of this new tiny house for you:

It is a 3-BHK house consisting of two rooms on the upper floor and one down.

The house has one bathroom of decent size with steam-generating shower system.

It has a contemporary kitchen with ample fittings. The kitchen has a Miele Coffee System for the perfect brew each time.

There is an open space in front of the house like a small porch.

First of its kind in upscale cabins yet maintaining the countryside feel.

It is tucked away in the woods with lots of open space around.

The cabin is loaded with technology. It has Crestron Pyng home automation system. With the help of phone or a tablet, any area of the house can be controlled like windows, security, light or temperature and It has a comfortable living room with a TV.

The house can accommodate up to ten people for dinner, which is decently enough considering the concept of the house.

The RV type tiny house was featured in popular the TV show, Tiny House Nation. This itself proves that it is surely a notch higher than any of the houses build in past. It is loaded with facilities, technology, maximum space utilization and yet have a countryside feel.

The owners wished for a tiny house, where they can spend long vacations but still have the comfort of home. They wanted to be connected yet distant. The love for huge backyards and sufficient living space is a dream come true. The Lil Lodges made far better than what they initially thought. It is a small and relaxed place to spend with family. And it can be easily moved to any other place without many hassles.

Today when de-cluttering and minimalistic living are the buzz words, these types of home just complete the picture.

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