The Salish: Luxury Tiny House On Lake Whatcom

Located on the beautiful Lake Whatcom in Washington, The Salish is a new addition to the list of already adorable and posh tiny homes created by Wildwood Cottages. The home which comes with a new luxury resort is beautiful, cozy and totally captivating. It is an ideal choice for those looking to own homes that are both sustainable and affordable under 500 sq ft.

The Salish is located about half an hour north of Bellingham and thus it is not far from civilization. The area was a campground in the past but now it is transformed into a tiny and luxurious resort and is up for sale in the market at an affordable price of $312,500. The sellers also charge an additional $127 monthly as resort fee.

The stunning house measures 399 sq ft and looks like a cabin from the exterior. The interior of the house is in modern design and neat. The luxurious Salish comes loaded with a kitchen large enough to fit in full sized equipment, a living room, a full bathroom, an enviable bedroom and also a loft space. There is plenty of space for everything in this tiny property.

Home buyers who want to get away from all the noise, disturbances, activities, pollution and crowd and live ideally in peace will definitely love the place. The cabin exterior looks inviting and heartwarming and though the interior is tiny, it is modern and still provides a breathing space. One can own the place for permanent residence or for an ideal getaway during vacations to serve as a home away from home. It will also be a suitable location for a romantic honeymoon as the setting ensures privacy and the place is charming .

The luxurious resort will serve as an ideal place to organize small parties for friends and families and also for hosting weddings. The price of the property might sound a little steep owing to the resort fees, but the stunning home is worth owning and you can still live minimally. If you are environment friendly and want to own a cabin in the outskirts, the charming Salish designed by wildwood cottages will be a good buy.

The property has been up in the market for a while and the sellers are looking for potential home buyers. If you are an interested buyer, wildwood cottages has provided information in Tiny House Town blog along with the pictures of the property. Facebook Users can also avail information by following their page.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long. You never know how long the home will be up for sale until a lucky home buyer comes by and own it. The Salish that has a beautiful resort as an attraction to display will not disappoint you.

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