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7 Tips For Maximizing Your Pantry Space

If your kitchen cupboards have become an untenable mess, the time has come to make some changes.

When you find yourself struggling to find space and you cannot prepare meals as quickly as you once did, you’ll want to read on and learn more about the following seven tips for maximizing the space in your pantry.


Baskets Underneath Your Shelving

Those who wish to maximize the vertical storage in their pantry have the option of adding baskets to their shelving. By placing undershelf baskets in your pantry, you are able to clear out more storage space while also making it easier to create designated areas for certain items and ingredients.

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Wire Racks For Your Doors

Did you know that you have the ability to open the door to increased storage, both literally and figuratively? When you install wire racks on the doors of your pantry, you can keep all of the oils, spices and condiments that you use most often within arm’s reach and avoid the annoyance of having to search for them every time you cook.

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We all have items that we use more often than others and when we take the time to sort them by category, we are able to free up untold amounts of space in our pantries. You can purchase baskets to place each category of items in and place labels on each of them so that they are more easily found.

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Use Clear Containers

A common mistake that we make when stocking our pantries is refusing to purchase containers that allow us to catch a valuable glimpse of what’s inside. Stocking your pantry with clear containers makes it much easier to find out what you have at your disposal and allows you to keep food fresh for longer periods of time.

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Get Rid of Packaging

To piggyback on the previous point, you can use the clear containers as a great way to shed unwanted packaging. When we use bins and containers to store items, this keeps cardboard boxes and plastic packaging from clogging our shelves and taking up valuable space that could be used elsewhere.

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Add a Snack Station

There are a number of wall space options available and by adding a hanger for your single serving snack bags, you allow yourself to simply open the door and help yourself, as opposed to having to sift through a pile of unrelated foods, making a mess in the process.

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Hanging Chip Clips

We’re all familiar with the concept of a chip clip, as we use them to ensure that our favorite snacks remain fresh. Now that companies like Rubbermaid have created a hanging chip clip, we can allow our chips to dangle freely, freeing up shelf space and keeping them from getting crushed in the process.

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