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Why I Love Corner Vanities – 7 Ideas For Your Home

Obviously, we want the best looks for our houses. Hell, we want the best for any living space we have. Believe me: I went from living in my parents’ home to joining the military and sharing a dorm room, to having to share an apartment. As a younger person, I wasn’t really prepared or very preoccupied about my use of space. This comes with time. And sharing a space with another person can be cumbersome, and you learn to deal.

That was my youth. My twenties were spent having to share space. By the time I was 30, I was living alone, so space wasn’t so much an issue because I was a bachelor, and hey… the space was mine and mine alone.

But things change. I got married, and suddenly, space is tight. Now, I’ve given my beloved her own closet. The entire bedroom is hers and hers alone. And the extra room houses my clothing, but more space is needed, because even if we make these modifications, we’re going to have to have more space.

And let’s be honest: that space is actually conducive, because we need to really think about what we need to do. She’s a fan of tiny houses, which maximize space. She had me watching all these shows, though I’m not getting a tiny house, but it got me thinking of ‘maximizing space’. By standards, getting rid of what you don’t need is ideal. For me: my books are a big deal. I want them. My CDs and vinyls are a big deal.

So as we were looking for a place for us: I realized that space can always be manipulated, if you do it right. While we’re looking at every nook and cranny to ensure that we have that space, we stop looking at the obvious: our corners.

Which led me to look up a company that could supply me what I was looking for. Houzz lets you talk about designs you’re talking about without interruption -a big thing for me, because I’m not really a person that wants to be scolded or told to do what I’m going to do, especially when my money is paying for said services.

Not only did they listen to me, they were giving ideas that would help me, not their bottom line. We walked throughout the house, and they gave insights that actually not only gave a sense of what I was talking about, but wasn’t so expensive I have to stop and think about it. In fact, some of their suggestions costed less than an original estimate, how about that?

In the end, I took some of their suggestions to use, as well as adding a few more accents for my own use: corner shelves for my CD/LP collections, as well as my DVDs. Too many books for that, but it’s impressive to see when you walk into that one room: vinyls and everything at every corner. For my wife: she loves having more “space” to separate her clothing (summer, winter, etc..), and still have space. And one space was made especially so she could hook up all her devices and charge them without worrying about them on the floor.

Ultimately, it was one of the best investments I’ve made, and if we ever move again, I’ve got the number to ensure we’re happy again.

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