Lake House Cabin Beyond Imagination

Sometimes you just find a house that kind of speaks to you. There is an odd thing that happens when the design that someone else comes up with is aligned with your personal style and taste.

Suddenly you are in love with something that you didn’t even know that you were doing without up until that point.

One good example of that would be the adaptation of one’s favorite book. Say, perhaps, that you were a Lord of the Rings fan. Reading that book, you can imagine what Tolkien’s world must look like. It’s nice, your imagination is splendid, and it can invent all kinds of amazing details to accompany Tolkien’s words. But then, Peter Jackson comes along and realized his own vision of what Tolkien’s world must have looked like. There are things in those movies that defy logic. Jackson and his team brought things out of their own imagination and made them into a reality that is BETTER than some of the things that the average reader was picturing in their head.

This, in many ways, that is what Collage Designs has done with this Red Stone Lake House near Haliburton, Canada. When you picture a home that you would love to live in, your mind begins to fill in details based on your own preferences and imagination. But when you see something made real, a design that you had nothing to do with, something else happens entirely.

It would be one thing if you were to say, “I would like this and this and this…” and the designers tried to create a space based on what you want. It is quite another when a space is created that features looks and lines that are aligned with one’s taste, but then there are details that go above and beyond. There are things that make one say, “Wow.” Things that we didn’t even know we wanted to see, or that were even possible.

The chandeliers, for example, that are prominent in the photos of this lake house, look like living, breathing extensions of the forest, put to work to enrich the atmosphere of our living space. They make the room feel like a forest, while providing the comfort of modern lighting.

In addition, the sleek, modern decor of the rest of the house, the open plans and the spacious feel, make for a cohesive home that feels natural and welcoming and at the same time cozy. The multi-level design of the home also breaks up the action to a point where it doesn’t feel too big or overdone.

There is a featured work of art that looks like a window overlooking a city. This gives whoever is living in the space a reminder of the world that exists outside of the near fantasy quality of the lake house. We can remember the hustle and bustle without having to be there. The art can be appreciated while accenting the beauty that we find ourselves in. It is a genius touch to a design that is already beyond imagination.

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