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Some Great Kiddies’ Room Creativity Ideas

The importance of creativity in human lives cannot be over emphasized. With creativity, you can turn your home into a palace of beauty without spending a fortune.

While creativity combined with innovation can be applied to every part of the home, this article focuses on creativity in your kids’ room.

Your kids’ room can be much more than just a bedroom if you apply enough creativity. To underscore this point, some great ideas have been outlined below for you. You can draw inspiration from them and you can also build on the ideas.

Slide Playhouse

In most houses, kiddies’ room also doubles as the playhouse but they are separated in several houses. In this one, the kiddies’ room is upstairs and the playhouse is downstairs. But the joker is the link between the two. This is where the creativity lies.

Living Locurto

A pipe big enough for kids was converted into a slide so that kids can slide down from their room to their play house. Isn’t that creative? The bedroom is up while the playhouse is down so the connecting slide is automatically slanting. A cushion has been placed at the tip of the pipe to cushion the impact between the kids and the floor.

Based on this concept, if there are other rooms that are upstairs, you could link them to the playhouse the same way. That means you could link the living room to the playhouse if possible. This means that there will be two pipes leading to the playhouse. So your kids can slide down to their playhouse from the living room too.

Lattice Bunk Bed

This is a rare design of bunk beds. It is meant for a room with four kids. It is designed to be two double bunks linked together. The four of them are placed on the same side of the room beside the wall. But instead of placing them side by side, they are linked head to head.

House Beautiful

There is a wooden template at the middle on which the ladder leans. But underneath is a middle drawer. This means that the two lower bunks have been connected head to head by a middle drawer. So, the four bunks share the same ladder and drawer.

The beds are made in white color to match the color of the room. This gives a magnificent appearance. The arrangement is not only beautiful, it gives the bedroom enough space. The room is as spacious as ever since the bunks take only a fraction of the room space.

Tree House Bed

This idea is great too. It is a bedroom with a single bed. But the bed is made inform of a tree house. The bed takes all the space in the tree house. There is a ladder in front of the house with which the room can be accessed.

House of Turquoise

But underneath the tree house/bed are a couple of chairs and a shelf where your kid can arrange his books. White seems to be a fantastic color for kids rooms. The tree house, the ladder, the chairs and the shelf are all in white color and they all look great.

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