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13 Amazing Ideas To Utilize The Space Under The Staircase

If you live in a house that has a staircase, then you would be shocked to realize that there is so much space that you can make use of.

More often than not, you will realize that there is so much space that you have not utilized completely. You can always find something to do with the extra space that is available. Here are some 10amazing ways that you can use to transform the space under your staircase:

Sliding Racks Storage

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You can make some sliding rack under the stairs and get more storage space. This can be ideal for clothes, bags, and shoes among others. When your guests come in, they will think this is a wardrobe.

Pantry Space

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If the space under your stairs is not too big, you make use of it by storing your food items. You can convert this space into a pantry, and this will free up the space in your kitchen cabinets.

In-house Doghouse

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For those people who are mindful of the dog living inside the house, you can convert the space to a doghouse. This is a sure way to ensure that the dog has its own space, within the house.

Use Sliding Mirror Doors

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Whatever type of storage that you will opt for, you should have the space fitted with sliding mirror doors. Generally, these will create an illusion of a larger space.

Entertainment Area

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Depending on where the stairs are, you can covert the space underneath to be the media entertainment center. You can have your TV and other electronics place in this space to add to the comfort of your living room.

Artificial Fireplace

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The idea of a fireplace tends to make the home complete. However, most people loathe the idea of using wood for fuel. Fortunately, there are some faux fires that can be used to generate heat and create a great illusion of a fireplace.

Wine Storage

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You can make use of this space as the wine storage area. This will give you a great place to store all your wine bottles in an organized manner.

Storage Drawers

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You may add to your creativity and make all the stair steps to be drawers. As such, you will have a unique staircase and sufficient storage space.

Mini Art Gallery

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If you love art, you can transform the space under your staircase to be an area to display art. You all sorts of art collections and other artifacts displayed in this space and it will enhance the overall interior design.

Laundry Room

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Depending on the amount of space available, you can convert the space under the stairs into a small laundry room. This will be quite convenient if you live in an apartment that does not have a laundry room.

There are countless ideas on how you can make use of the space under the stairs, all you would need to do is to explore your creative nature and maybe consult an interior designer for more ideas.

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