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Spruce Up The Bath With The Humble Pallet

You all know what a pallet is although you probably avoid them as an obstacle when shopping or at work. The humble wood pallet is a creative person’s dream come true when decorating the bath and designing functional wood accessories.

Using old wooden pallets not only makes your bathroom come alive but it keeps those pallets out of the land fill or out of the air when they are burned.

Bathroom Shelf Made From Repurposed Pallet

You need to get a new perspective on the old wood pallet. The wood used to make pallets is higher quality than you may think. The wood has to endure all types of weather and abuse. These qualities make the wood from pallets prefect for your bath because the wood has already been treated to resist water damage. The treatment is safe for people so you do not have to be concerned with chemical exposure.

You will probably need to do a bit of finish work on any wood pallet to make it safe for home use. All you need is a hammer to drive in exposed nails and a sander to smooth the edges of the wood. The creative bit comes in what you can use the wood for and the painting of the wood to make it fit your bath décor.

The back side of the average sized wood pallet is a perfect storage compartment. The holes are already made for you. The depth of the bottom slats from the face of the pallet gives you a lot of room to store toilet paper, reading material, extra soap, and be a holder for bathroom plants.

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You can paint the floor side of the pallet so that it looks like a wood wall. You get a wood storage wall for an hours’ worth of work. The frame of the pallet is stable enough to stand on its own but you may want to nail the bath addition to a stud for safety. The pallet can become the foot board or headboard of a free standing bath that provides easy access to all of the bath essentials.

Old wood from pallets make an antique looking surface. The knots and swirls in the wood add a different character to wall shelves, built in storage cabinets, strips of hanging storage above the sink or vanity, and can make a wall behind the commode come alive with color and accent.

Bathtub pallet shelf

Believe it or not there is a bit of romance in old pallets. You can make a bath caddie that stretches across the tub. The caddie can be big enough to hold wine glasses, a bottle of wine, and food. You and your significant other can bathe and eat and supply the romance.


You may need some carpentry and wood working skills to tackle the more elaborate projects. Old pallet wood can truly find dozens of uses and niches in your bath that add to the look and utility of the bath. All you have to do is dream up what to do with the “free” old wood.


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