Hexagon Tiles Transition Into Wood Flooring

When you take a look at the broad range of designs and photos of Hexagon Tiles organically transitioned into hardwood flooring, you will be forced to admit that this technique is worth trying.

A recent photo of this kind of flooring is that of the Normless Architecture Studio with a café located at the corner of one of the most attractive city squares in Cups Nine. This was done with the purpose of reintroducing the street to restaurant and coffee shops with designs looking to push the boundaries of exterior and interior spaces.

In the cafe on cups nine, there is a black hexagon tile placed from the counter to the floor in order to merge with the wood flooring. Looking further inside the café, you will see a long and narrow space set apart by a long wood bar that serves as seating or ordering area. While inside the coffee shop, you will see some black hexagon tiles wrapped around the counter down to the laminated wood flooring.

Yes. Hexagon tiles and laminated wood flooring are a crucial design element in most modern cafés and coffee shops in the present era. This is a brief description explaining of how hexagon tiles are a transition to wood flooring.

How it is Done

First of all, get your hexagon tile in stock from a local supplier and opted for “Porzione” tiles to randomly use as three triangles. These tiles come in different sizes and colors, its best to go for the one that will suit your flooring. Going for a smaller or medium sized tile allows for a more balanced perimeter design (although this makes it more difficult to cut the carpet round the tile).

Also, ensure you have other tiles on hand when tracing out the pattern and cutting into the flooring. It is far easier to lay your carpet starting from the hexagon tile and then work your back towards a wall. It allows you to sustain a proper space while tapping in the remaining wood flooring in.

Do not affix or nail down any floating floor system to your wood flooring; this will ruin the whole transition process, rather apply construction adhesive.

Construction adhesive is suitable when doing cedar wedge cutting.

Cedar wedges are a tool used to apply pressure after the construction adhesive has cured. Once you have successfully installed all the hardwood, you can grout the tiles and then ignore the perimeter seam.

Make sure your tiles are square and parallel to the flooring by drawing a grid line or tape off the woodwork on both sides or mark them or use whatever you hand in your hand, just make sure you get a nice crisp line. Also, it is best to plan for other wastage as mistakes are likely to occur when you are trying to get the cuts fitting right.

Photos by Kostas Spathis

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