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A Great Do-It-Yourself Bedroom Canopy Ideas

There are several do-it-yourself simple bed canopies that can transform your bedroom into that of an Arabian prince. These bed canopies are easier to make than you can ever imagine. It all depends on your level of creativity. A great idea has been outlined below to get you started and to trigger your creativity.

Do-It-Yourself Dorm Bed Canopy

Bedroom Canopy Ideas

The materials you need are command hook or other kinds of hook, either a fishing line or a ribbon, thread for the trim, adequate trim, 2 curtain panels and a 24-inch-diameter embroidery loop. You also need three important tools – a large needle, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.

Position your trim on the left edge of the panel with pins. If the trim is longer than the panel, you can cut off the surplus. For easy sewing, you should pin perpendicular to the cotton edge and trim. This way, you won’t need to keep removing the pins as you sew along. When you are done, you can repeat the steps on the right edge.

Thread your sewing machine with a thread of matching color. Gently sew down the middle of the pinned trim until you get to the very bottom. Seal the ends by sewing horizontally back and forth at the bottom of the trim several times. Once you are done, you can pull out the pins and remove excess thread. You can now repeat the steps with your next panel.

You have to remove all the hardware from your embroidery hoop. The inside hoop is not useful for this project but you may need it for another one so you can keep it somewhere. You can now gently slide the curtains onto the hoop with good sides facing out to make the tasseled edges meet at the other side.

If you slide the curtains with the tasseled edges first, opening the canopy will wind up on the other side of the closure of the hoop. This will prevent you from seeing all the hardware when the curtains are hung. You can now close the hoop after sliding the curtains in.

Sew three pieces of ribbon and place them at the tops of the curtains and space them equally around the hoop. These ribbons will be used to hang the canopy. You can also use fishing line by joining three equal pieces of fishing line and knotting the joint lines at the middle. Finally, you can now fasten your hook to the ceiling over your bed and hang the newly made canopies from either the ribbon or fishing line.

If you are creative enough, you can replicate this idea on king size beds too. You will only need to use more beautiful materials for the curtains and also make use of a longer panel. To cap it all up, you could line the curtains with some kind of tiny lights. That would transform your room in the night when you put off the original bedroom light.

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