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Why You Need To Have A Gallery Wall

Walls are like cats. Cats can fit in everywhere. In the same manner, walls can find their place in any room, especially if they are decorated with picture frames. 

You can always fill a wall with picture frames and it will fit the room perfectly. In this article, you can see how to do this as a professional.

You can even make small walls and corners look perfect with the help of some frames. You only need to fill the wall with frames and enjoy your redecorated room.

  • You can arrange the frames to follow the open stairwell.

Image Source: yellows.dk
  • The end of the hall will be perfect with a narrow gallery.

Image Source: www.styleathome.com
  • Paint a small wall black and put a high gallery with a different color to boost the appearance of the tiny wall.

Image Source: www.revelateur-studio.com
  • Here are some other ideas for a sloped wall.

Image Source: www.estliving.com
  • Frames can even decorate a sculpted wall.

Image Source: www.sfgirlbybay.com
  • Even though you cannot hang a big art piece on a wall with a bend, you can always create a gallery wall.

Image Source: www.fantasticfrank.se
  • A bit of imagination and a small desk will create a beautiful office spot from a corner.

Image Source: www.lonny.com
  • Create an excellent décor in a seating corner with a lot of frames instead of putting on a single picture.

Image Source: www.abeautifulmess.com

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