Man Builds Home Over Pond To Be Able To Fish From His Living Room Floor

If you love fishing very much you would take extreme measures to ensure you have the ability to fish. For some this may mean decorating a section of their home in fishing memorabilia. 

Others, may go extreme to the point of tattooing their favorite fish somewhere on their body. The man talked about here built his house on a pond, and made a fishing hole inside his living room. He has had this strange idea in mind for many years and finally had an opportunity to see his dream come to life.

This report is about Paul Phillips, an Oklahoma man who constructed his home over a fish pond so that he could fish whenever he wanted (particularly on bad weather days) to through a hole inside his living room. He only moved into his new pond house few months back but has already put it for sale as he intends to build a bigger home on a bigger pond so as to catch bigger fish via the floor.

The idea of constructing such a home sounds outrageous at the least. And knowing how far people will go to fill a void is fascinating. Many individuals are captivated by the house that Paul Phillips has built.

Before completing the construction of his dream house Philips cited his love for fishing as the reason for undergoing the building process. “I love fishing, I fish every day,” he said.

Philips said he was out fishing at Lake Oologah when he was told he couldn’t fish there which made him angry and spurred him to carry out this endeavor. He said he needed a place to fish because of his love for fishing. “This building is that place” he said. Philips started the construction of his dream house sometime in September and moved in a few months back. Now he intends to build a bigger home where he can catch more fish and store bigger fish.

The carpenter in charge of the construction of his home Randy Aschlerman said he has never built any structure like this before. He admitted that although the idea was strange to him he was fascinated by it and acknowledged that it was a fun endeavor.

“There is plenty of room in here to fish from the porch on all three sides” Aschlerman said. “The property is 1,850 square feet and also includes a secret fishing hole in its living room” he concluded.

Paul Phillips, works as a contractor in Skiatook, Oklahoma city, and has constructed a multitude of homes within the last decade in the region. Through those years he dreamt of building himself a special home. A house that he could fish through the floor of the living floor. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

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