1950s Repurposed Cotton Gin Property: Dream House Of Millions

Ever since Haley Holden, Mongolia Realty, a top producing real estate agent posted a 1950’s Repurposed Cotton Gin Property on their social media Facebook page on the 18th of October, people have been drooling, dreaming of owning the property, sharing on social media and raving about it nonstop.

The pictures of the beautiful home have already garnered around 17k shares and 2.5 million views all across the globe and the figures are still increasing. People have been trying to contact agents to discuss about the home and of course the agents are looking for potential clients. The property is presented for $474,900 and the address given is 2529 Levi Parkway, Lorena, TX 76655. It looks as if the property will sell above the listing price.

The fun property has an interesting history of it being a cotton gin in the past. However, the house was once abandoned. Now a repurposed home, it is up for sale and has already won the hearts of millions. Another good thing about the house is its location. The cotton gin home in Robinson ISD is just a walk away from everything, entertainment, shops, restaurants, businesses, hot spots, work places, attractions, gorgeous views and recreation that Waco has to offer and the house itself is a piece of wonder. It is in the middle of everything.

The extraordinary looking home comes loaded with a kitchen of your dreams, a stone hearth for the cold season to build up the temperature, a formal and neat dining nook and a master suite through which one can eye breathtakingly beautiful views. The cotton gin property also has a guest house of 700 sqft. attached across the way equipped with all farmhouse detail. One can call over friends for staying, organize parties and have families without having to share bedrooms.

It is also an ideal home for those who need big work spaces as the home comes with several massive workshop areas and 4.2 acres on Bullhide Creek. The massive space will keep in check all sorts of disturbance and annoyance while working. What is not there to love about the property? People who run home business and need working space will especially adore it.

Both the exterior and interior of the property are something to die for. They look straight out of a dreamy movie. The real estate agent at Magnolia Realty has given an email address and Instagram id for potential clients who are interested in buying the home.

Email: [email protected] and Instagram: haley_magnoliarealty. The agents are having a busy time trying to reply all queries and reach out to clients.

If you are looking for a property in Waco with work space, the repurposed cotton gin home can be an ideal choice.

Photography by Ashley Munn Photography

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