Do It Yourself Homemade Sawhorse

A log of wood can be transformed into just about anything, from wonderful carvings to simple shoe racks. Most persons feel that to work with wood requires a great deal of skill. The truth is all you need is an adventurous heart and a strong desire to do it yourself.

Full Tutorial:

You can transform those pieces of woods in your home to amazing works of art. Well to work with wood you will need to have the following tool:

– Saw

– Nails

– Hammer (very important most times)

– Hand drill

– Sandpaper

– Gloves (do not compromise on safety)

– Measuring tape and pencil

With these tools, you can start your project. For this do it yourself wood project, you will get to work on making a sawhorse.


A sawhorse is a great tool for carpentry in the house, but a few people know that it can also be built with parts that can be found in the home. To successfully complete this project, we will need a specialized tool; a miter saw. It is necessary for the angle cuts we will make during this project.

First, cut out the legs. Make sure that all four legs are of equal length and size. Next, we take the legs to the miter saw to make the angle cut. For the legs make an angle cut of 22.5°. To make this cut on the legs, it will be better to clamp all four together so that we can make the cut at once. We will cut both sides of the legs. Make sure the cuts are made as close to the edge as possible.

The next thing to prepare is the top board. Cut out a top board that will give you ample space when you work. You can choose any measurement, but make sure that it is sufficient. Attach the legs to the top board. Before you attach the legs, drill a hole smaller than the diameter of the screw that you will use for fastening the pieces together. This is done to prevent the woods from splitting during fastening. The screw should go up to an inch into the wood, so it will be necessary to select a rightly sized screw nail. The legs should flush properly with the board and the ground. Repeat these same processes for all the other legs. Make sure that the legs flush properly with the under of the board before you drill.

Next, we make braces for the legs. Measure out the distance between both legs at the point you want to attach the braces. Measure the braces and cut. The braces should be the same length as the legs of the sawhorse. Make 22.5° cut on the braces along the edges to flush with the sides of the leg. Attach the brace following the same steps we took in attaching the legs to the board. You have your sawhorse. Now you can have fun sawing all you want.

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