DIY Valentine Gift Cards

In about a month’s time, it will be time to express love to those dearest to us, to those closest to our hearts, in about a month’s time, it will be Valentine’s day. Can you not feel the warmth of love already making the cold a little bit more bearable?

Valentine should be a time when we give those closest to our hearts, things that come directly from our heart. Sometimes, all our loved ones want is a well-designed card, with expressions of love in our own handwriting.

Thinking of doing something extraordinary for those you love. Extraordinary does not necessarily mean a trip to the moon, Caribbean, or to luxury hotels. Sometimes that extraordinary thing is just that thing that shows your loved one that you consider them so highly, you are willing to take the bold step to make them something.

Most times, the magic to make our loved one’s face light up with the brightest smile ever, lies in our very hands. You can make those beautiful cards yourself. Yes, you can do it yourself. Spare the gifts and cards shop a visit this Valentine.

Gift cards for kids

Valentine is about your loved ones, that includes your kids. There are a lot of fun things that you can come up with as gifts to your kids. You can make a wonderful owl Valentine day card for them. If you want more fun, you can ask them to join you while you work on it.

Tutorial: Skip To My Lou

To make this owl card, you will need 3 colors of paper: purple, green, and yellow. Cut the purple into a large heart shape, then 2 smaller purple heart shape. Next cut the green paper into a heart shape, each shape should be slightly smaller than the purple shape.

Glue the green shape on to the purple shape making sure that it is properly centered Use the smaller pieces to form the head of the owl. Next, cut the yellow paper into heart shapes for the feet and nose. Glue them in their appropriate places. For the eyes of the owl, you can draw them. Voila! You have your card and you have the heart of your kid too at the price of your time and willingness to put your hands to work.

Tutorial: How About Orange

Tutorial: Eat Craft Parent

3D cards

For this project, you will require old magazines, preferably, these magazines can be colorful, or one that holds memories shared by both of you. After selecting the magazines to be used, select the pages you require ad cut them into heart shapes. Next, fold the hearts into equal parts.

Tutorial: Juggling With Kids

Make sure the folding is done neatly. Add glue to ¼ of the edge of the first card, then glue the rest on and stack them neatly. There you have a 3D representation of your heart card and if you were fortunate, a card that holds wonderful memories you two shared.

Tutorial: 2 Little Hooligans

Source:  I Heart Naptime

Tutorial: Make And Takes

Give your loved one a card from your heart this valentine, not from the card shop.


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