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Easy DIY Home Decors That Look Fantastic

Making home decors can be easier than you think. It is all about your creativity and innovation.

Some of the big and expensive decors that you see around were made from cheap sources. It is all about how creative you are. To underscore this fact, you can try any of the DIY décor ideas below.

Golden Magnetic Letters

Full Tutorial:

To create this letters, you need a gold spray paint, plastic primer spray paint and magnetic letters. The smell from these sprays can be harmful to your health so you need to do it in a ventilated area. To avoid staining your table with paint, look for a wide cardboard. Spray all the letters with plastic primer spray on the cardboard one after the other. You have to spray every part of the each letter.

Allow the paint to dry up. This should not take more than 15 minutes. To be sure all the letters are well coated, you should give them another coat of plastic primer spray paint. Give them another 15 minutes to dry up. Now, spray each of them with the gold spray paint. You also need to spray them one after the other. When you are done, you need to give them about 20 minutes as gold spray takes a little more time to dry up. Aren’t the letters looking amazing?

Paints do not prevent magnets from sticking so the paints can cover the magnet areas too. It is even more difficult to protect the magnets while spraying. To appreciate the beauty of these golden letters, you have to look for a metal surface on which they can be arranged. The only one that comes to mind is you refrigerator. Arrange them on the surface of your refrigerator and see how your kids will hover around them.

Mercury Glass Vase

Full Tutorial:

The materials for this decor are a glass vase, gold spray paint, some artificial flowers, spray bottle with water and Rustoleum Mirror Effect spray paint. Clean the vase and spray the inside of the vase since that is the side you want mirrored. You can also sprinkle some water around its inner wall before you paint it. It is for better effects. You can spray the inner wall twice if you want the vase to put up a more covered look.

Nothing can make a mercury vase stand out like golden flowers. This is about the most difficult part. You need to use the gold spray paint on the flowers. Make sure every part is covered and give the flowers about 20 minutes to dry up. Then you can put your golden flowers inside the mercury vase. Great idea, isn’t it?

In conclusion, DIY home decor ideas are infinite. It is all about your creativity and innovation. You can come up with more ideas based on the decorations outlined above.

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