Fun, Practical, Cheap, And Simple DIY Garden Projects

It is winter now but spring is just a few months away. Now is the time to start planning for some sprucing up of your garden and your yard. There are two basic ideas here.

You use what you have gathering dust in your garage, closet, or attic. You spend as little as possible. The third idea is to get the entire family involved so that the kids learn DIY and gardening skills and you do not end up being the only worker.

Fun with rocks

Ronda Stauffer

Every yard has rocks in it. If your yard is rock poor then you can collect rocks from a nearby forest or a lake. The kinds of rocks that you are looking for are smooth and rounded. This quality makes the rocks easy to use and safe for kids to handle.

DIY pavers

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Make a line of pavers out of the rocks you collect. The pattern can be anything. The best pattern for you and for kids can be animals or characters from cartoons. This takes planning. You need to draw a pattern that fits the size of the rocks you have. Paint the rocks to be the natural color of the animal or cartoon that you select. Planning eliminates excessive shovel work.

Veggie rocks

West Valley

You have probably tried and failed to keep track of what you planted and where it is in your garden using the tags that came with the plants. This is a permanent solution. Paint an image of the vegetable and the name of the vegetable on a smooth flat rock. Use weather proof paint. You will never forget what is planted where and the rocks can stay out all year.

Tires and rims

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Most people have at least one old tire or a wheel rim tucked away in storage. These ideas make use of the clutter and they also avoid the cost and contamination of the environment that disposing of old tires creates.

Tire planters

Paint the old tires green. Green goes with the color of grass and looks natural. Fill the openings in the tires with soil that is appropriate for the flowers you want to plant. Painting a smiley face or any picture on the tires adds to the unique flavor of this lawn decoration.

Rim Planters

Mural da Vila

Tire rims are made of an alloy that is designed to last forever. These are perfect planters. You have to be creative in selecting a pattern to paint the rim with that fits your garden d├ęcor. Line the rim with porous garden fabric to allow good water flow for the plants. Paint the inside to prevent rust.

These are just a few simple projects that you can do. Much more elaborate designs for planters, greenhouses, garden spot creation, unique and funny garden decorations, and inexpensive planters that fit how your plants grow can be made from things that you have. All you need is a little ingenuity and creativity to make something that is truly yours and one of a kind.





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