10 Amazing DIY Crafts That You Can Make And Sell Easily

Every person wants to make some extra bucks. Fortunately, there is an easy and creative way to make extra money by selling your own crafts. You can always create DIY crafts and sell them on the internet.

You can make clocks, gifts, bags, jewelry, coasters, home décor, pillows, etc. It does not matter whether you are new at this.

You can always find some interesting ideas on how to make and sell something on the internet. Buy cheap things in the craft store and start your inexpensive painting, sewing or something else project.

Incredible craft ideas

• Pallet plaques


You can easily make this simple, small, rustic and elegant picture frame. Nowadays, these frames are fashionable and they are made out of upcycled wood pallets. These picture frames are easy to make and sell. Moreover, you can decorate them with any color and decoration you want. This DIY project is simple and incredibly fun, so you should try it and make some extra money.

• Rope bowls


These bowls look hard to make and expensive. However, they can be made out of glue and rope. You can make these bowls in a few minutes and enjoy the flow of cash into your bank account. Use different kind of ropes, so that can you can offer your customers variety of choices. The rope bowls can be used to hold bread, fruit, accessories, napkins, yarn, etc. This is a cheap DIY project that you will enjoy.

• Pillow covers without sewing


These pillow covers can cost $50 or even more. The creative patterns and cute colors make you want to buy these pillow covers. Learn to make these fun pillow covers and enjoy earning money.

• Mini pallet coasters


These pallet coasters are an easy way to make money. They look like small painted pallets. You will only need washi tape, glue and craft sticks to make the coasters. You can decorate them in any way you like. Pack them well in small shipping envelopes and send them to your customers.

• Prism light candle


When you lit these candles, you will get incredible looking shadows. Just buy glass stones and mason jars from the dollar store and start the project. Be patient, wait for the glue to dry and enjoy your candles in different colors.

• A triangle pouch


• Bath bombs


Lush made these bath bombs popular. They are easy to make. Just mix ingredients into a mold, pack them with nice wrappings and tags and send them to your customers.

• Faux leather pencil cup


• Tote bag – no sewing


• Sunglasses bag



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