7 Amazing Decorations For Your Garden

Planning a garden feels like staring at a blank canvas. It’s filled with possibilities and sometimes it’s hard to begin. Decorating outdoors is best done in a subtle way with plants or keeping to a theme with decorations.

Matched ceramic or stone items are best scattered through the landscape. It gives a viewer the feeling of mystery to come upon a character or animal figurine unexpectedly. And it’s even more enchanting when they match a theme.

If you are adept at gardening you should be planting a four season one. If you are using stone or plastic figurines in the garden, it’s likely they’ll last through the winter but check anything you place in the yard for overwintering.

Any item that holds water can crack in a freeze so bring in items made from delicate materials. Since winter’s garden will be relatively stark, the idea is to offset it with dramatic shapes. Think dark dried branches and a natural perfect contrast with evergreens. As long as your decorations are safe for all weather, choose items that will work with winter warming themes or leave one or two large or brightly colored items to add to the element of contrast.

Going natural is always an option with decorative items but there are only so many versions of the stone frog or turtle to play with. Instead, consider themes that are fantasy in nature but still relegated to the garden and the outdoors.

Think gnomes, elves and fairies and yes, this can be tastefully and charmingly done. If you’re going to use one of these in the garden, you can mix and match with what you have. But again, a theme within a theme is going to be eye catching even to those who don’t use figurines in the garden.

Try putting in fairies all in different types of houses or mix theme with fairy-themed items like mushrooms and toadstools in matched colors. Lights work well with an elf or fairy theme, the tinier the better. Set out fairies holding lights or lanterns and add additional outdoor string lights in matching colors.

Speaking of lights, they always look attractive in the garden. In winter they can add warmth and stylized lights are perfect for the short days and the bare backdrop. Think lanterns or torches either alone or held by some of your favorite garden dwellers. Solar lights do work in winter but the short days will affect the amount of light they can store for evenings.

Even people who aren’t avid nature lovers feel better in a garden. There’s something about nature that makes us all feel good. Spiritual teachers too even indicate that environment is soothing to the soul. Add figurines, lights and some specialized plants and your garden could become the most rejuvenating of all your rooms.



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