Some Wonderful Tourist Centers In Italy

There is no doubt, Italy has been known for being a very hot tourist attraction location. Italy offers so many magnificent structures that are as old as time itself. In fact, Italy can best be described as a country where nature’s beauty meets man’s innovation and creativity.

What inspires guests to come over repeatedly is the hospitable nature of Italians. They are very eager to welcome visitors all the time. They have wonderful world class accommodation facilities that make guests feel at home and they also offer different international dishes because of the diversity of people trooping into the country. While every part of Italy is good enough to be a tourist center, there are special cities that symbolize tourism. Some of them have been outlined below.


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This is the oldest city in Italy and it is the worst hit in World War II but there is little or nothing that shows that the city was once bombed. It is the home of several archeological and architectural masterpieces. There are several palatial building and several castles that will pass as fortresses. The city also offers some of the best dishes in Italy. For instance, it is the home of the best pizza in Italy.


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Verona also offers breath taking structures like Naples. In fact, such structures are the standard in Italy. But Verona is known for offering world class opera venues. Besides, a lot of William Shakespeare’s works revolve around the city. A good example is Romeo and Juliet. It is acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Cinque Terre

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This is a combination of 5 villages. They are as old as days. Most of the earliest settlers of Cinque Terre are believed to be fishermen because there are indications that they were into fishing. This is another World Heritage Site in Italy. It is a must visit for tourists.


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This city has already been popularized by football. It is the home of several notable football clubs. Some of which are AC Milan and Internazionale Milan. This is why your trip to this city is not complete without visiting the most famous San Siro. It is also known for fashion and other forms of art. In fact, it is the fashion capital of Italy. Like the other cities, it also offers ancient magnificent structures.


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This city is the home of the world famous University of Bologna, the oldest university in the World. It was founded in 1088. It is also a cultural center. Apart from the features mentioned above, Bologna offers high technology and glamor. Whenever you visit Italy for pleasure you must visit Bologna.

It is noteworthy that there are several other wonderful cities in Italy, the ones listed above are just the randomly selected ones. There are other beautiful cities like Venice, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Tuscany and the highly revered Rome.

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