5 Bedroom Ideas to Bring a Small Room to Life

Small bedrooms tend to feel cramped. We just don’t seem to have a way around the problem though, do we?
Well, it’s all about décor. The color scheme and layout that you choose will affect the size your bedroom looks. It’s time to bring your small room to life with these stunning and easy bedroom ideas.

1. Opt for a Foldaway Bed with a Light Wooden Style
When it comes to color schemes, keep them light. This will allow natural and unnatural light to reflect, making the room look larger. To save on space, opt for a bed that folds away into the wall. You can pull it out when you need to sleep and walk around freely during the day.

2. Surround the Bed with Bookshelves
Furniture doesn’t have to take up a lot of floor space. Utilize the space around the head of your bed. Build the bookshelves up and around. Then add drawer space under the bed to utilize that space better.

3. Use a Floating Vanity
When you want a vanity or desk in the room, opt for a floating style. This is creatively placed in the wall to not need legs to hold it up. You have plenty of space underneath and the desk/vanity looks modern and simple.

4. Add Beautiful Fabrics
The fabrics you use for rugs, throws, and sheets will affect the style and feel of the room. Opt for plush, beautiful fabrics, including velvet and silk, to create an air of expensive elegance.

5. Keep It Sparse and Clean
Limit the clutter around the room. Keep the woodwork bright and clean and don’t add too many items of focus around the room. Just your computer on your desk or a mirror on the vanity will do to bring your small bedroom to life.

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