Advantages Of Corner Vanities

Corner vanities can be the ideal solution to several common bathroom problems. Baths can be small and cramped for space in apartments and older homes. New constructions and a bathroom remodel are the perfect times to consider a corner vanity.

All corner vanities have one common feature. The cabinet has two sides that are flush with the wall in a corner. The vanity can be mounted to the wall or can be free standing depending on the style that is selected or the amount of weight that a sink and plumbing demand.

The advantages of a corner vanity are:

1) Increased space

The corner vanity provides all of the utility of larger vanities but in a size that conserves space in a small bath. An added advantage of a corner vanity is the extra door space that doors that open into the bath need. Doors are designed to open into the bath for safety concerns.

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2) Additional storage

A corner vanity can provide much needed storage for beauty supplies, infrequently used bath accessories, and linens. All baths need extra storage and this is an elegant way of creating storage that has the look and convenience that is needed in a vanity.

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3) Convenience

A corner vanity does not have to be small. The size is variable and the number of sinks, lighting, and other amenities depend on your room space and your budget.

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4) Any style

Corner vanities can be produced that fit any existing d├ęcor. Units with a sink and without a sink are available that fit the space in the bath comfortably and can be installed in as little as an hour. Specially designed corner vanities can be made that fit any space and decorative theme.

5) Chic

The corner vanity is definitely a style statement. The idea is that the vanity will impress your guests and make them a bit envious of your elegance in taste.

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6) Seating

Corner vanities need seating to provide the most convenience for users. The seating can be made that coordinates perfectly with the vanity. The seat should be adjustable in height or constructed to fit the user so that applying makeup produces the look that is desired. The seating should be moveable into a recess in the vanity to keep space in the bath as safe and uncluttered as possible.

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Lighting is another consideration for corner vanities that should be taken into account when selecting the right vanity for a new look or rebuild of the bath. The majority of users prefer added lighting that eliminates the need for an additional vanity mirror for applying makeup.

A great option for lighting is a vanity in a corner where windows are. This opportunity provides natural lighting and a view.

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You cannot get the perfect corner vanity off of the shelf. The right corner vanity for an old bath, a remodel of your bath, or a home under construction must be the creation of experts in furniture design.

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