5 Places You Need To See In Texas Before You Die

Texas is noted for being big and it is indeed big in the variety of natural wonders available. The idea is that the people of Dallas, Houston, Austin, and any other part of Texas have a readily available place to go and get out of the hectic pace of modern life. These beauties should be on every Texan’s bucket list as well as a prime target for any visitor.

Let the peace of Texas get you past your misunderstandings. Get serene as you enjoy the scenery.

A few of the top natural places in Texas are:

Enchanted Rock

Flickr: lalalaleeuh

Enchanted Rock is the biggest pink granite rock in North America. It is a little over 17 miles north of Fredericksburg, Texas. The idea is to drive up slowly and let the 1,825 foot high monster grow on you before you make the climb to the top for an unforgettable view of Texas. You only climb about 400 feet to get to the top. People are known to have come here for 11,000 years according to archaeologists.

A cave with no name

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The Cave without a Name (that is the name) has been a U. S. National Landmark since a boy won a contest in 1939 to name the cave. The stone formations are stunning in variety and color. The cave was a known habitation of some of the most ancient creatures in Texas and a haunt of bootleggers who supplied nearby San Antonio during Prohibition. The idea is you can tell your friends you have been to nowhere in Texas.

The most beautiful cave in the world

Flickr: lalalaleeuh

The Caverns of Sonora, eight miles west of Sonora, Texas has been declared the most beautiful caves in the world by spelunkers. The caves are 1.5 million years old and 150 feet deep. The attraction is the delicacy of the stone formations that make the interior of the cave look like it snowed underground.

The largest Cyprus forest in the world

Flickr: omaromar

Caddo Lake is a 25,000 acre bayou on the border of Texas and Louisiana. It is home to the largest Cyprus forest in the world and may have the oldest Cyprus tree on Earth. People have enjoyed the beauty of the lake and the tress for the last 1,100 years when the Caddo people first settled on the Louisiana side. Guided tours or do it your own tours are available.

Palo Duro Canyon

Flickr: branditressler

The grand canyon of Texas is about 70 miles long and six miles wide and is centered in Amarillo, Texas. There is no larger canyon in the United States except Death Valley. There are four layers of strata visible on the sides of the canyon that date as far back as 290 million years ago. The canyon has been the back ground for many western movies and is considered a winter delight when it snows.

Those are just five of the natural wonders that will inspire you to want to live and enjoy just as long as possible. Your list can include Hamilton Pool, Big Bend, Gorman Falls, the Monahans Sandhills, Padre Island, the Medina River, Santa Elena Canyon, Willow City, Devils River, and the Lost Maples Natural Area.


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