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12 Wooden Tables That Will Make Your Home Look Fantastic!

In most of the homes today, a dining table is a must have. Not many will have their meals in the living room or anywhere else apart from a dining table.

With the many different styles and materials for dining tables, homeowners are spoilt for choice. Despite there being different styles, one type that is becoming very popular is the wood slab dining table.

What are the Advantages of Buying Wood Slab Dining Tables?

The wood slab dining tables save money since they are durable. They will not break compared to the glass ones thus fits a home with kids too. There are a variety of options that you can choose from with varieties of designs.
Wood Slab Dining Tables are Easy to Clean
Food stuffs and gravy has been spilt on your glass table, and it was quite a task to clean it. This is not the case with wood slab dining tables as they are easy to clean. They are not kid-friendly making their wood counterparts the best option.

How Do I Choose The Right Wood Slab Dining Table?

Are you wondering how you can choose the best wood slab dining table? There are many options to choose from. They come in different textures, sizes, and designs. The legs could be carved, straight or even tapered depending on your preferences. It can be painted, lacquered or stained while the texture could be either rough or smooth. Besides having the right sized and perfectly designed dining table to suit the theme of your house, you can choose one that is made of pine, walnut, ash, beech or oak.

What is the Right Size for Wood Slab Dining Table?

There is no standard right size wood slab dining table. The right size is the table that fits properly in your dining room and one that can accommodate the whole family. Make sure it has enough seats round it.

What Type of Chairs Can I Buy for My Wood Slab Dining Tables?

It’s quite amazing how compatible wood slab dining tables are. You will not be stressed in finding the best chairs as long as they are comfortable for your home. Whether you choose classic upholstered ones, wooden, metal, leather upholstered or acrylic chairs, you will love your dining room. If you love a rustic setting, this is the best table to have. The material or the type of the chairs does not matter as long as they are comfortable and improve the appearance of your dining room.

If you are looking for a new dining table or you just need a warm look for your house, get a wood slab dining table. There are many advantages to this kind of table such as durability, being compatible with other household items and giving your dining room a warm look. With a natural look, the tables have increased in popularity, and many are choosing them for their interiors. The tables are simple and homely that even visitors will love the setting.

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